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Lexi SeriesLexi Catt’s Meowmoirs – Tales of Heroic Scientists

Lexi and Hippocrates Find Trouble at the Olympics (Buy the book)
Lexi and Marie Curie Saving Lives in World War I (Buy the book)
Lexi and Lister Defeat Death (Buy the book)
Lexi and Imhotep to the Rescue (Buy the book)
Lexi and Leonardo Da Vinci (coming 2017)

The Adventures of Alexander Catt

alex-under-tree-c-thumbnail Alex and the Spirit of Christmas (Buy the ebook)


BC Animals

abigail-cover-thumbnail Abigail Skunk’s Lessons for her Kits (Buy the book) Abigail Skunk’s Lessons for her Kits (Buy the ebook)

Teen Novel

verity-thumbnail Verity (Buy the book)

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