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Lexi SeriesLexi Catt’s Meowmoirs – Tales of Heroic Scientists
Lexi and Hippocrates Find Trouble at the Olympics (book) (Kindle)
Lexi and Marie Curie Saving Lives in World War I (book) (Kindle)
Lexi and Lister Defeat Death (book) (Kindle)
Lexi and Imhotep to the Rescue (book)
Lexi and Leonardo Da Vinci (coming 2017)
The Adventures of Alexander Catt
alex-under-tree-c-thumbnailAlex and the Spirit of Christmas (ebook)
BC Animals
abigail-cover-thumbnailAbigail Skunk’s Lessons for her Kits (book)
Abigail Skunk’s Lessons for her Kits (ebook)
Teen Novel
verity-thumbnailVerity (book)
Verity (Kindle)

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