Dear Friend

enhanced-buzz-15942-1388704257-14He was a soldier and a dear friend. He was sent to the front which was ugly, muddy, and noisy. There were no leaves on the few branches left. His transport was frequently stuck in a muddy pothole and he thought he’d never get to his destination, but finally he arrived. He was assigned to the officers tent and fed his ration, but the explosions and gunfire made him so nervous, he could hardly eat. The battle grew more fierce and the situation became desperate. He was finally given his assignment. Take this message back to headquarters. We need help. It was exhilerating to be on the move! He felt pride to be the only hope, and his personal hope was to get away from the fire of canons and guns. But then a piercing pain in his chest made him falter. He then felt more pain and became aware he had only one leg left. Again another pain took half of his sight away. He fell to the ground and whimpered in his plight. How he did it, no one knows. But he made it back to headquarters and delivered the precious message and so saved many lives. He was sent to recooperate far, far away from the sounds of war and many people came to see him and marvel at his heroic exploit. But at length, he died. The medical team checked out this amazing soldier and discovered… that he was a she. An amazing courageous heroic female soldier. Cher AmieShe was a homing pidgeon, so they stuffed her and placed her in a museum in Washington DC where you can see her even now, 100 years later. Her name was Cher Ami.     Read more tales of World War I in Lexi and Marie Curie Saving Lives in World War I. Meg  

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