Even Marie Curie needed to have a network!

Almost twenty years ago I was invited to a women’s networking event. I had just started a small business and was excited to share its possibilities and benefits with others. The experience was a colossal failure for me because I just didn’t get it. Everyone was selling. Like a cocktail party on hard drive, women circulated the room giving their forceful sales pitches. I listened politely but couldn’t think of what to do about their sales or service. I must admit I’m rather sales resistant. They too seemed to turn a deaf ear to my products. Now I am reminded of Marie Curie’s hatred of reporters who intruded on her life when she and Pierre won the Nobel Prize for physics. She said that she didn’t need fame. Her sister Bronya chided her by saying that someday she might be grateful for it. Sure enough years later when Missy Meloney, an American magazine reporter approached her for an interview, Marie was about to refuse when her daughter echoed her aunt’s advice. Marie changed her mind and granted the interview. Missy listened, helped and changed Marie’s life. Missy’s help brought Marie the much needed radium and financial support for both Curie institutes (Paris and Poland) for scientific research into cancer. Diamond-Dolls Like Marie, I’ve changed my mind about networking events. In my experience some are quite helpful. Check out the Diamond Dolls in Vancouver, BC! Read more about Marie Curie in my new book Lexi and Marie Curie Saving Lives in World War I.  

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