Lexi Catt’s Meowmoirs

Lexi SeriesAccording to myth, cats have nine lives, and Alexander Catt II (also known as Lexi) has spent his former lives with scientists of medicine throughout history. In these adventures, Lexi witnesses medical breakthroughs and discoveries, and learns the value of hard work and integrity. These stories give children heroes to admire — real heroes from real life, who are worthy of their attention. History is amazing. It relates the deeds and misdeeds of people. It then exposes the thinking that caused those good and bad actions. No lesson from history is more amazing than the examples of man’s creativity. For example, creative thinking brought about the pyramids and the harnessing of atomic energy. In Lexi Catt’s Meowmoirs — Tales of Heroic Scientists the stories focus on man’s creative developments in the field of human health sciences.  

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