Verity is Published and is #1

Verity by Marian Keen

Verity is a medieval romantic novel for ages 12 to adult.

My book Verity is now published on, and it s listed as number one in its category (romance novels)! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to have a copy in my hands! Verity is a medieval fairy tale, suitable for ages 12 to adult. (Since this post was uploaded, Verity has been re-published and is available for purchase here – please have a look! And leave us a comment. We’d love to hear from you!)

When I was a child my grandmother looked after me and my sister when Mom needed a sitter. Gramma told us stories about the days of her childhood. Her stories were so fascinating that one day when Mom asked what story do you want me to read to you, I blurted, “Tell us about the old fashioned days when you were a little girl.” My mother was rather offended by my innocent request as she felt she wasn’t old enough to qualify for such a category.

She said, “What story from this book do you want me to read?” The book was Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and my sister and I knew every story in the book. The one I usually favored was “One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes” because it was the longest story in the book. The one I never asked for was “Bluebeard.” It was too gruesome.

Mom read us horse stories, dog stories, young heroine stories like Heidi and Little Women and so many more. We were very lucky. It was better than TV. My imagination received a good workout.

The calendar was about to turn into a new century when it came to my attention that the Disney company was almost out of fairy tales. So I decided to write a fairy tale worthy of a Disney production so that Bluebeard could stay in the closet. My story has all the elements of a proper fairy tale – orphaned female, wickedly cruel witch, handsome prince – but I threw in bullying, overcoming great odds, strong friendships, and a little magic. It all evolved into a medieval love story. I still love reading it aloud to any new guinea pig – especially the wicked witch part (heh, heh, heh!). Verity is available on and is suitable for ages 12 to adult.