A Young Girl, a Secret Identity, and a Quest to Discover the Truth

In medieval Europe, a young maiden, Verity, suffers the manipulation of a power-hungry Duchess. Determined to improve her daughter Violet’s status, the Duchess incessantly belittles and insults Verity, wearing away her self-esteem. One by one, the Duchess removes those who provide protection, but she is unaware of Rothko, Verity’s black-feathered guardian who sees everything. Using her black magic, the Duchess seems all-powerful. But she overlooks the strong bond of friendship the two girls share. And Verity has magic of her own, in her integrity, her loving heart, and ultimately, her own truth.




“The story of Verity’s growth … is bewitching and engrossing, and the inclusion of magic and the depth of detail really took this tale beyond a simple fairy tale retelling to a full-blown medieval fantasy.”

Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

“Verity whisks the reader into a compelling medieval fantasy world, wrought with the same issues young people face in reality today. Despite adversity, the young heroine remains true to herself, a loyal friend, and a strong role model for readers.”
Laura Pearson, Teacher Librarian, École Elémentaire William Bridge Elementary School, Richmond, Canada

Verity, Marian’s first novel, for teens, intertwines Marian’s strong interest in historical fiction and her deep concern at the growing trend in bullying. Not unique to present day society, the abuse of young people spans the centuries, and, as Verity discovers, the values of integrity, loyalty, and supportive communities can make all the difference.

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