Washing hands!

Lexi and Lister 320“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known and exist before it is generally received and practiced on.” Benjamin Franklin   It was known by the Egyptians thousands of years ago that something outside the body caused infections and illness. They therefore knew that it was necessary to cleanse their hands before every meal. The recorded theory and advocacy of cleanliness was understood and promoted in the 16th century by Girolamo Francastoro (Italian physician), by Alexander Gordon (Scottish physician) in the 18th century, and by Oliver Wendall Holmes (American physician), and Ignaz Semmelweis (Austro-Hungarian obstetrition) in the 19th century. Their theories were regected as unimportant until Joseph Lister late in the 19th century proved the truth of microbes being the guilty cause of infections. The breakthrough idea came from Louis Pasteur but Joseph Lister proved in practice that antiseptic methods in surgery prevented infections such as purperal fever and gangarine. How long do we have to know this “useful truth” before we practice frequent hand-washing and teach it to our children? Our children can read about Dr. Joseph Lister’s achievements in “Lexi and Lister Defeat Death”, available now online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters and Indigo, and ABEbooks. Meg  

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